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Filming was a success! It’s been a week now since we completed filming, and during that time we have had to adjust our plans. We had a few obstacles to fly over, but we have a plan on how to make the most of what we got. The final version of the trailer will be different, and end up being a mix of both videos. We’ve also been in contact with a few potential programmers, which leads us to the next hurdle.

We need game designers. We can get the funding, the programmers, and the popularity we need, but we can’t fully capitalize on what we have unless we can narrow down exactly how we think the program should look, feel, and function. None of us have any experience with game development, let alone game design. At the moment we’re just friends with a dream, but I think that might not be such a bad thing. We know and are willing to look for outside help on this matter so that no resources and time may be unused.

So if you would like to help with this, if your dream is ours too, we would love to have your ideas and support. You can contact us on the discord, link can be found here:


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