Filming with a studio

Hello everyone, I know you’re probably wondering where the updates have been these past few weeks and I would like to say that we haven’t really had anything to make an update about. I would rather go silent then continually talk nothing. Good news is that were confirmed for filming on the 29th, and we will be doing it at a studio! That means our final product will look much better than we had planned! No more filming in a garage. Everyone has been getting ready and set up for the day.

We also have some other ideas for projects in the future. More games we could make when we have the time and resources, so we can keep funding for things like World Master and keep it updated. If you have any ideas you’re willing to share with us we’ll also take anything else into consideration for our future.

The current forecast for the trailer is sometime next month in June. I don’t have a day, but when I get an estimate I will let you all know. We’re almost there, and I thank you all for being there at the beginning.


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