Celestial Relocation

I haven’t been able to make an update since I’ve had some important things going on recently. I am setting up a new place to live which I hope will be the home of some of our first servers. That has been rather wild, and so I’m glad that its mostly figured out now. The good news is that we have been able to practice the script to see any issues with the lines and delivery of actors.

The bad news is that we’re somewhat stuck at the moment. Without the pull of the trailer being out and the funding that the Kickstarter would bring we don’t have our technical experts yet, so we can’t start development of the program. I would like to keep working on Shattered Infinity but without an application to do the fast math, the game will take too long to play. Meaning we can’t test to see if its fun yet. As such I have looked into setting something up with unity to see if we can make an early World Master application.

For the time being, I am stuck with a hard decision. To announce the program to get attention and help, without having anything solid to show… or to wait for the trailer so we have the biggest impact. If we wait for the trailer though it may be an extra month or two before we can film and upload. We can’t all come together with Covid-19 in full force, but I hate to be stuck like this.

Anyway I hope you all have a good and safe day. I really appreciate you reading these, it means a lot.


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  • Rob Fields
    2020-04-21 at 01:47

    Wait for the trailer. Have a brainstorm session with your whole team and find anything and everything that you can do on the meantime. Prepare some “teasers” using some graphic arts and something that could potentially occur in the fame that would be exciting and uncommon, to grab and hold attention…

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