Twirl into chaos

Will all that’s happening right now, I look back to the beginning of the year when I saw memes about the new virus coming from Wuhan. About how every 100 years there’s a new crazy plague and how the Coronavirus could be it. I had no idea how much that would mess up our plans. Luckily, the only thing that has been derailed was filming. Which was significant, but we have been given time to peer into some things that we don’t think are satisfying about the script. The good news is that soon we will have a version of our trailer script available for anyone to see, so that its clear what exactly we plan on doing. If you have any feedback for it, you will be able to comment on certain sections.

There are actually two trailers that we will be filming. The first is the one that you probably know about, and the other is a more focused trailer where I explain some of the features and technical aspects of World Master. The first one will attempt to be humorous and show some typical issues with classic TTRPGs, while the second is the one that actually goes into the details. We will be posting that link soon so keep an eye on our updates.


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