Blighted Reality

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has caused cascading corruptions in our travel plans. We have had to sanitize our schedule and push our filming date back by one month. After the incubation period of one month we should be able to see if the symptoms still persist. If things seem like they will be fine, then we will continue on as usual. So for the time being, filming will be set to April 27th. This change is likely not a bad one since now have more time to get the script checked out and reviewed. We also have more time to perfect our plans for Shattered Infinity and get some high-quality concept art going. We have created a Trello board to help organize our tasks and keep us focused. This delay won’t slow anything down.

Now would be a better time then ever to have World Master. Stay at home all day and play your favorite RPGs with your friends. Stay safe everyone.


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