Patreon is Now Live!

Hello to everyone following Red Crystal Studios! 

My name is Jake, I am in charge of marketing: advertising, and other creative ventures with our founder, Evan Stepanovich. Soon, I will be directing and filming our trailers for World Master. I cannot extrapolate my eagerness and motivation to be working on WM with the Red Crystal team. Never before have I seen such dedication to a single product by such enthusiastic people. I hope that you are just as excited as I am to witness the genesis of Red Crystal studios.

Now, I have some outstanding news to share with you. We have launched our official Patreon! As we have encountered many people willing to financially support RCS, but our crowdfunding projects are not quite ready to launch, Patreon is the obvious answer to begin funding World Master. 

We have multiple tiers so far- Yellow, Orange and Red. Each tier is priced separately and the higher the tier, the more value to you, the invester. 

Here is the link for our Patreon!

Also, please feel free to join our discord to interact with our staff and to follow World Master with regular conversations and updates!

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates, and I am very excited to continue our blog posts! 

-Jake Halczak, Red Crystal Studios.


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