The page does glow!

Its true, we’ve finally done it. The website is looking better than ever. From now on I expect to be posting more formal updates on this site as well as on the discord server. Most of our time has been spent on the website but there have also been new developments on the trailer script and Shattered Infinity. Take a look around the site and let me know what you break. Its all under construction, so I don’t expect it to work perfectly.

On the 27th of this month I will be taking a trip to film the trailer for World Master! We are looking for actors and actresses, so on the 27th we will be holding a sort of audition to see who’s a good fit and how to improve. If you’re interested in that role I will be posting more about it in the future.

I would like to speak about the new updates on the game system but unfortunately we aren’t exactly sure how we want to proceed with it, so I can’t give you any concrete details. What I can say though is that there will be 3 different types of classes, and a blend between them. Physical, Intellect, and Arcane are the 3 categories. If you’re used to most RPGs you’ll know that intellect is tied with magic, but not in Shattered Infinity. You can now have a strength-based character who uses magic just fine.

Anyway that’s all for today. There’s a lot more I could say but I’ll leave that for the future. Godspeed mortals.


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